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Entries are taken by phone 8:00am-9:30am in the race office based on the schedule below. You can also enter by dropping your declaration slip in the entry box in the race office. Draw Information will be available online at Hazel Park Raceway or US Trotting.

To Phone an Entry:
  1. Call the race office at (248) 398-1000 (Ext. 1) or
    toll free at (800) 794-8001 (within US)
  2. Give event number (from the condition sheet)
  3. State the condition to confirm correct event
  4. Horse name (enunciate clearly and spell it out if difficult)
  5. Trainer name
  6. Driver name (give alternate if you have a preference)
  7. Make sure race office has current phone number where you can be reached.

Adobe PDF Friday Condition Sheet (Declare by Tuesday - 8:00am-9:30am)
Adobe PDF Saturday Condition Sheet (Declare by Wednesday - 8:00am-9:30am)
Adobe PDF Sunday/Monday Condition Sheet (Declare by Thursday - 8:00am-9:30am)
Adobe PDF Thursday Qualifiers Information (Declare by Wednesday - 8:00am-9:30am)

Scratch Time/Driver Change

Scratch time for your race is 8:00-9:00am the day following the draw for your race.Drivers are required to review entries for driving assignments and call the stewards at (313) 564-5397 (Ext. 1) for race scratches or driver changes. In the event the driver you selected is listed on two or more horses in the same race, the driver will call the stewards to inform them of which horse they are choosing to drive. If a driver chooses another horse you will be assigned your alternate choice (if you gave one at the time you entered your horse) if that driver is available.

If you have not indicated an alternate driver while entering, the stewards will assign your horse an available driver unless you have called prior to the 8:00am to inform them otherwise.

Draw Information

Draw information available mid-afternoon day of draw on the USTA website.
Click the link below to view draw information.
USTA Entries/Results

If you are having trouble viewing the .pdf documents, download the latest version of Adobe Reader:
Download Adobe Reader

Additional Important Information:
  • Classes may be combined to create full fields
  • Standard claiming allowances will be applied
  • See Claiming Races for specific information related to claiming races
  • Horses must show a "good" charted line (no breaks) in 45 days (race date to race date) with the 1st day being the day after last race and the 45th day being the actual day of race you are entering for (not entry day).
  • Any horse that fails to complete a race due to any reason other than broken equipment, may be required to re-qualify, or show a satisfactory line at another race track
  • Horses may not drop more than 1 class at a time per day
  • Note that effective with the draw for May 11, 2012, any horse that has raced for a base claiming price of less than $4,000 in its last start must qualify regardless of time.
  • Please be certain that your horse is registered with the USTA for lifetime eligibility papers. Standardbred Canada registration is honored as well, but it must be current.
  • To race or train at Hazel Park Raceway, all owners, drivers and trainers MUST have a completed and signed Hold Harmless for dated during the current race year on file with the race office.
  • All trainers must have a completed and signed Stall Application and a copy of your horse's negative Coggins test results on file with the race office. In addition, you must sibmit a copy of your horse's proof of EHV-1 (Equine Herpervirus - Rhinopneumonitis) vaccination to the state veterinarian in the Michgan Gaming Control Board office at Hazel Park Raceway. Fax to 248-398-7583. EHV-1 certification is valid for 6 months from the administration date.