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Betting on Chess Tournaments 1Win: Strategies and Considerations

Betting on Chess Tournaments 1Win: Strategies and Considerations

Chess is the oldest logical game, which appeared in India more than 1,500 years ago. Nowadays, it is one of the sports disciplines that arouses keen interest among online betting enthusiasts with an analytical mind. 1Win Mali takes into account the needs of the audience, offering interesting betting options on the top tournaments held under the rules of the International Chess Federation. Register and bet on total moves in a game, Black or White victory, double chance.

Chess Betting Basics

Chess is fundamentally different from other sports. Here the probability of victory is determined not by physical fitness, but by the ability to analyse and think strategically.

Game Rules and Features

Two chess players compete on a board with 64 squares, using different types of pieces. The main goal is to checkmate the opponent’s king. Pawns can turn into any piece by reaching the opposite edge of the board. The game ends with a victory for one of the players, a draw, or with one side admitting defeat.

Ways to end the party:

  • Checkmate: the king cannot make a move, as all possible options are under attack by the opponent’s pieces;
  • Admitting defeat: one of the chess players surrenders and victory is awarded to his opponent;
  • Time expiration: if the time allotted for a game expires before the winner is determined, a draw is declared;
  • Pat: the king cannot make a move, but is not under check either;
  • Agreeing to a draw: chess players agree to a draw.

Users of the 1Win Mali betting site can place bets both before and during the game. The lineup includes not only prestigious tournaments, but also regional championships of different countries.

Variety of Chess Betting

The line-up for chess is more modest than for football or basketball. There are more betting markets for the title matches, while only standard outcomes are available for the minor games. By logging in to 1Win, you will be able to place bets of the following types:

Type of betDescription
Total movesPrediction of the number of moves in a game or in the whole match
Win (“P1” or “P2”)Bet on white or black to win
Tie.Betting that the game will end without a winner
Double chance (“1x” or “2x”)A bet on the victory or draw of one of the chess players
Zero forfeitIf the game ends in a draw, the bet is refunded
Special batchesBet on the championship ending in blitz, armageddon or tie-break format
OutrightPredictions on the winner of the tournament, not tied to an individual match

At the time of writing the 1Win Mali review, bets on additional events were accepted: the number of pieces taken, the total of games in the tournament. However, such markets are only available in the prestigious Gulf Coast New Year’s Open and Asian Games.

Chess Betting Strategies

There are many betting techniques that affect the profitability of the game. But if you are new to the 1Win site and have a poor understanding of the discipline, use proven betting strategies.

Analyzing Chess Player Profile

Before placing a bet, analyse the last five games of the participants in the match to assess:

  • Skill Level;
  • Style of play;
  • Motivation.

In chess, every move is strategically important, as it brings you closer to defeat or victory. Compare the strengths and weaknesses of your opponents, paying attention to the strategy and aggressiveness of the game.

Forecasting Based on Historical Data

The history of encounters often hints at the outcome of future games. 1Win casino provides a section with the results of past games, where you can get valuable information about recent tournaments and changes in the form of athletes.

Betting on Game Patterns

The ability to recognise game patterns determines the accuracy of predictions. For example, if a chess player is known for strong finishes, use this in betting on the stage of the game. Determine which patterns most often lead to success or defeat of a particular athlete.

Long Term Tournament Betting

1Win accepts long term bets on the outcomes of prestigious tournaments such as:

  • World Cup;
  • Grand Prix;
  • Norway Chess;
  • Chess Olympiad;
  • Sinquefield Cup;
  • Grand Chess Tour;
  • Tata Steel Masters;
  • Candidates Tournament;
  • FIDE World Chess Championship.

This requires analysing the form of the chess players, their achievements and their potential within a particular competition. Bet on grandmasters who consistently perform well, especially if they adapt well to the different styles of play of their opponents.

Beginner’s Guide to Betting on Chess

Use the advice of professional players to make winning bets on chess tournaments:

  • Learn the basics of the discipline. Understand the basic rules of the game to analyse games and accurately predict outcomes.
  • Analyse matches. Regularly watch live competitions to catch the playing styles of different masters.
  • Choose big tournaments. Bet on significant competitions where players are maximally motivated to succeed.
  • Do not make impulsive bets. Never make a bet at random: every decision must be justified.
  • Control your finances. Manage funds wisely, avoiding unnecessary risks.

Make predictions based on objective facts, without giving in to emotion. And don’t forget that education, analysis and prudence in budget management are the key to success in betting on 1Win Mali.

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