Real-time betting overview

Real-time betting is becoming increasingly popular among both beginners and professional forecasters. That’s why we want to explain to you what live betting is, and why you should absolutely seriously consider this possibility. In addition, we will share with you some of the most important tips and information.

Real-time horse racing betting

What are live bets?

As the name suggests, live bets are placed on events that are currently being held. In this sense, the bet is made “live”. Naturally, this is a general term: many different types of bets can be made in real time: handicap bets, more/less bets, goal bets, half-game bets and many others. Consequently, there is also a wide range of live betting strategies that can lead you to success.

As with traditional betting, there are no particular obstacles to placing bets. From a technical point of view, there are no significant differences that you need to be aware of. In our age of global media networks and the growing demand for multimedia interactivity, whether on social media platforms or through other channels, bookmakers have clearly recognized the signs of time and are trying to solve the problem with the help of real-time betting.

Advantages of live betting

Live sports betting can be decomposed into pros and cons, which will help you form your own opinion about this type of betting.

Advantages of live:

  • Immersion in the event. Since the player is watching what is happening in real time, the live bet makes him a participant in the event. Because of this, live betting is much more interesting and more involved compared to the pre-match;
  • Quick results. By betting on the outcome during the event, you can quickly get a win;
  • More opportunities for analysis. Live can be analyzed both before and during the event. According to the first 10 minutes of a football match, you can roughly determine the mood of the players, the form and other nuances;
  • The possibility of overlapping pre-match bets. With suitable coefficients, you can overlap pre-match bets by concluding live sports betting;
  • Arbitration situations. Sometimes you can catch bookmakers on a fork, but experienced players do not recommend engaging in this type of betting;
  • View the event on the site. In many bookmakers, you can watch a live video broadcast of the match on the odds page;
  • Viewing the event at the stadium / arena, etc. If you watch the match directly from the stadium, you can have time to make a bet before the odds change, since the player learns about certain events seconds earlier than the BC.

Live betting strategies

To increase the chance of earning in live mode, it is recommended to use strategies. They will not only help to increase the chance of winning, but also discipline players, which is extremely important in betting. During the existence of bets, a huge number of various tactics have been developed.

The most popular and effective strategies for live:

  • Catch up. A separate variety of strategies with many variations. The classic version implies a bet on the outcome with a coefficient of 2.0, where in case of defeat, you should double the amount of the bet and bet on the same outcome (but at a different time) with a coefficient of 2.0. Repeat until the winning result to compensate for losses and make a profit. For example, catch-up can be used when betting on the victory of an outsider in a game (tennis);
  • On the losing favorite. When the favorite concedes the first goal, the odds on his victory increase. You can use such changes, especially if there is a lot of time before the end of the match;
  • For a late goal. According to statistics, goals in football are scored in the last 20 minutes of the meeting, especially in important matches for both teams. Betting on total will help you make a profit on such a pattern;
  • On yellow cards. If the match is crucial for both sides, and the referee has already verbally warned the players several times, then you can predict the total of yellow cards;
  • Forks. Arbitrage situations in which, due to incorrectly calculated coefficients, the player will be in the black regardless of the outcome. Forks are based on bets on mutually exclusive outcomes.

Suitable sports

Any bookmaker with a live line offers customers different betting options, which, among other things, differ by sports. As a rule, they bet on the same events in real time as before the match, but each discipline has its own characteristics:

  • Football. Characterized by unpredictability. Most often, customers make bets on Total by playing live;
  • Hockey. Attracts the attention of the cambacks of the playing teams, thanks to which you can get a much more impressive win in live;
  • Basketball. A sport with a similar development of events, since one team can concede half of the meeting and only snatch victory in the end;
  • Tennis. A single sport, which is characterized by injuries of players, with which you can win money by placing a bet during the meeting.