Virtual Horse Betting

Electronic technologies are transforming the world of sports. If earlier horse racing was understood only as a classic type of competition involving animals with or without jockeys, now it is possible to bet on virtual races, which are not inferior to the traditional race in terms of passion and excitement.

Virtual Horse Racing Betting

What is virtual horse racing

Virtual horse racing is a pioneer of virtual sports. Electronic races appeared much earlier than esports and other types of online competitions.

Virtual horse racing is a computer simulation of racing racehorses (usually horses). Competitions are held in an unusual format — no players or real horses, only the fight of algorithms. Despite its “artificial” origin, electronic racing has become an extremely popular betting discipline in the United States, Great Britain and some other countries.

Strategies for virtual horse racing

Since virtual horse races are simulations, the problem arises of finding the optimal strategy for betting. Ordinary forecasters and viewers do not have access to algorithms and specific knowledge of how programs work, which significantly complicates the betting process. But it cannot be argued that it is impossible to win in horse racing. We offer several hypothetically profitable strategies.

Choosing the first races of the day

The essence of the strategy is to bet on the first few races of the day. Practice shows that a race day almost always starts with predictable results. It even makes sense to make express trains for several clear favorites at once in the first races of the day.

Follow the money

The meaning of the scheme is to look for excessively high coefficients. The large size of the kefs on the horse indicates that he is considered an outsider. The next step is to look at the odds on the favorite. If they hardly change, then you need to study the form of the outsider. If the horse has potential and good statistics, then it makes sense to bet on him.

We use statistics

Betting on just anyone is not the best idea. Some BC publish the history of races and other useful information. All that is required is to study statistical data and identify trends. Most algorithms work according to the same scheme, and it is not difficult to calculate it. For example, programs rarely “lower” the horse and do not give him a chance during the day. If a participant has lost several times, then the probability of his victory in the next race is high. The task of the bettor is to carefully study the statistics and look for “flaws”.

Types of betting on horse racing

When betting on horse racing online, you can choose the following options:

  • Win – a bet on one winner;
  • Place – the fact that the selected horse will take one of the prizes (their number varies in different races);
  • Show – that the horse will come first, second or third;
  • Forecast – you need to guess the first two winners in the correct sequence;
  • Treble – the same, but for 3 horses; a more difficult bet;
  • Reverse Forecast – for two likely winners; if one of the indicated horses comes first, the bet wins.

This is not a complete list of possible options. Specific types of horse racing bets are accepted at racetracks, which are often unavailable in offices, for example, combined Win/ Place or Win/Place /Show.

It is impossible to tell how to correctly bet on horse races in a nutshell, this is a whole science. Professionals have been collecting statistics for years, creating databases, personally assessing the shape of horses before the race, the condition of the coating, which is affected by weather conditions. Betting on virtual horse racing, for example, does not provide such an opportunity, therefore, probably, they will not bring as much pleasure as real ones, but they can still provide a decent win.

Where to bet on virtual horse racing

The best bookmakers for betting on virtual horse racing.

Virtual horse racing is poorly supported by bookmakers. In order not to waste time, it makes sense to know exactly where you can place online bets on horse racing.


Melbet is probably the best betting platform for virtual horse racing. Advantages of the organization:

  • A large number of events;
  • Legality;
  • There are both dog and horse races;
  • Cashback and free bet promotions.

The disadvantage of “Melbet” is its dubious reputation. Some bettors note that BC often cuts coefficients and positions itself too aggressively in the market.


1xBet is one of the few BC that launches broadcasts on virtual horse racing. Advantages of the organization:

  • High coefficients;
  • Regularity of events;
  • Wide painting.

The key drawback of 1xBet is its illegality. The bookmaker is regularly blocked and has a bunch of mirrors, among which you can get confused.